“Donald Trump is Not Voldemort” Written and Performed by Daphni Wilder

About Daphni Wilder

Daphni Wilder is a second grader who loves historical fiction, musical theater, and politics. She was born in Colorado and has lived in New York, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. She has met wonderful people of all backgrounds in small towns and big cities. She has also seen a lot of poverty and struggles. As a seven-year-old, she often feels frustrated that she cannot do more to change these sad things. Her message to other kids is, “Learn how to read and get informed. Our parents and grandparents have made a mess of things and it’s up to us to fix it.” She was thrilled to have an opportunity to share her message and make people laugh in the Bad & Nasty Cabaret.




Good evening, ladies and gentlemen!

My name is Daphni Wilder

and I… am a… nasty woman!


I’m here tonight to explain to you that Donald Trump… is NOT Voldemort.

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