Nasty Woman Holly Hughes on the NEA & Trump’s Defunding of the Arts

Here we go again with the plans to eliminate the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting!

Republicans have been bent on demolishing these agencies since the first year of the Reagan administration. Because lots of this funding went to institutions and individuals across the country, the effort went nowhere. – Holly Hughes, “Holly Hughes strikes back at Trump’s defunding of the arts

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In the Press | American Theatre | Staging a Resistance Holiday: Not My President’s Day

Bad and Nasty in American Theatre magazine!

“About two weeks after the election, I posted an idle threat, as I am known to do on Facebook, saying I was going to do some sort of cabaret in Ann Arbor, where I live,” Holly Hughes recalls. She called all “Bad Hombres and Nasty Women” to revolt on President’s Day, which she would rebrand as “Not My President’s Day.” Within minutes, people started liking her post and saying they wanted in. “By the next morning, there were so many people that wanted to interpret the idea on their own I was moaning, because I couldn’t add them quickly enough to the Facebook group,” Hughes says.


Fortunately others stepped up to the plate, including another giant of the feminist avant-garde movement, Lois Weaver of Split Britches, as well as social media whiz Mary Jo Watts. The “Bad Hombres and Nasty Women” Facebook group swelled to what is now almost 2,000 members, with more than 50 planned sites in the works.


Not My President events will be happening in both big cities and and smaller communities. At La MaMa in New York City, Karen Finley (also one of the NEA Four) is among the lineup in an event curated and hosted by Nicky Paraiso. Also in New York, Penny Arcade and Tammy Faye Starlite will read David Mamet’s The Anarchist at the WOW Cafe (directed by no less than Austin Pendleton). Meanwhile in Houston, Texas, the punk lesbian feminist band Girls in the Nose will join feminist performance groups Les Nez, MyDolls, and Kegels for Hegel in a rousing evening. Performance artist Raegan Truax represents in San Francisco, and in London the performance collective Pussy Patrons will screen their short film GRAB by PUSSY PATRONS.



Karen Finley: Donald Trump Owes All of His Wealth to Arts and Culture

Karen Finley will performing February 20th in NYC at the Bad and Nasty La MaMa Presents: HE’S OUR PRESIDENT/HE’S OUR PROBLEM


Donald Trump is reportedly considering stripping the budgets for the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. This would have devastating consequences for our society; for our cultural diversity; for the many economies that are connected to promoting cultural heritage, innovation and production, both domestically and abroad; and to the many municipalities and neighborhoods that depend on cultural institutions for survival. So we might ask how the arts have personally enriched the president. READ THE REST OF KAREN FINLEY’S ARTICLE AT TIME.COM.


Finley is an arts professor at Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. Her next book, Genital Election, will be published this spring. She was a plaintiff in National Endowment for the Arts v. Finley, after the NEA vetoed her grant in 1990.

SCRIPT: “Acceptance Speech” by Eileen Myles

Several Bad and Nasty contributors have graciously allowed us to make scripts available for artists to use on February 20, 2017. Thanks Eileen!

by Eileen Myles

First I want to say this feels incredible. To be female, to run and run and run to not see any end in sight but maybe have a feeling that there’s really no outside to this endeavor this beautiful thing. You know we don’t have a single female on any of our bills. And what about two women, two women loving. Or even more. A lot of women. A lot of money. Is there a message that I failed to receive that the face of woman cannot be on our money. And what about that house I just won. that white one. When I sit there and if I sit there and I’ve got to tell you I’m not sure I want to sit there. Some of you might remember my first campaign yes that was back in 1992. Few men have run for twenty-four years. Twenty five by the time I stand and take the oath in January to serve my country. I did not quit I stand here with you on this beautiful rapturous day sunny day in New York to turn around, to look back and look at all that we’ve won. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s get back to that house. That white house. We often hear these words even as an explanation of what metonym means. Are you familiar with this term. yes I promise you poetic presidency. The white house speaks is a metonym. Certainly that white house we speak of is not the whole government. Like Fred Moten says it is incomplete. But it has come to be a symbol of it. And I think two things. I think whiteness, I think of the whiteness of the house and I think of house-ness. It houses the government. Now that I have won it offers to house me now. I now officially make that white house a homeless shelter. It is a complete total disgrace that we have people without homes living on the streets of America. I have lived with them. Not for long periods of time but in the same way that I am the first president who knows what women feel because I am a woman, I am one, I have also eaten chicken with the homeless. I ate at the Bowery mission. Very rubbery, very chewy chicken. Those chicken were not happy when they lived and they are no happier being chewed on dead at the Bowery mission, and the chewers are not happy either, no. So here’s the future good food at the white house for all the homeless in America. You know who the homeless are. They are military men and women. Who fought our pointless wars, who came home after each stupid greedy war we have waged and they got less. Is there a GI bill for veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. I’m not sure but I don’t think so. Can they buy a house. Who can buy a house. Under Myles they have bought the white house. That is my gift. The white house will house the mentally ill, out patiented during the great president Reagan, meaning he threw them out of the house, the mentally ill, thrown out of the American house, and the alcoholics who do not have free and abundant and available treatment? Cause this country breaks our hearts. We will habit them too. We will occupy all government buildings and memorials housing and holding and loving the homeless and the sick and the starving. We’ll do what the statue says. you know liberty. We will take buildings and we will build buildings and our culture our new America will begin to live. Our government needs to be in the business of living not dying, what else is a government for. The government will become more departmental and take you in, you and your wonderful needs. We’ll start with the Department of Women. Obviously to say women matter and do matter so much and a lot we need a distinct place in the government to specifically focus on female concerns which is parity mainly, reforming congress so that if America is increasingly diverse in a multitude of ways our congress must represent those groups percentage wise that’s smart don’t you think. So if most of the people in America are female so should be our government right. America is not a department store. We want to do more in our country than shop online and at the mall. Let’s face it everyone is home shopping and yelling each other at their computers. The malls are falling apart. The malls are pretty much gone. Let them go. We want to make real departments for who we really are. Not shopping. We will be stalwart, we will be strong. Let’s go. Let’s go out. we are out there now. We are here on the highline. Yes.

That’s the way it works under Myles. Early on I described a department of culture. We will have that. We will have art in America, not just the magazine, just for starters we will multiply the budget of the NEA by tenfold. We will bring back CETA, that was like an art workers program we had in the eighties but we will call it SEE THE… SEE THE…what I don’t know. I just got elected, I haven’t worked everything out but just think of the possibilities. SEE THE sky, SEE THE river over there, SEE THE Whitney, a lot of people will be walking around appreciating and we will pay them. There will also be the HEAR THE program, the SMELL THE program. That’s probably what you’re going to do early on with all those you know recovering veterans who don’t have to live on the streets. Get them in on the SEE THE, SMELL THE, HEAR THE programs. We’re going to massively fund libraries, open twenty four hours, and they will not be filled with homeless people because they will have homes, so the libraries will be filled with people reading and watching movies, and going into the conversation rooms and having conversations and so on. All education will be free, trains will be free. Cars will be eventually be banned. Cars are stupid. No more pumping oil, no more fracking. Everything will be driven by the sun, or else be plugged in electrically. Electric something. There’ll be lots of free food. A lot of archery. Everyone will be a really good shot. We’ll get good at aiming, intentions, not killing. Oh yeah and we’ll send a lot of masseuses to Israel and Palestine. Everyone needs a good rub. No more pesticides, here, anywhere, lots of small farmers, an amazing number of stand up comedians, and lots of rehearsal spaces and available musical instruments and learning centers for people like myself who would like to play something, perhaps a guitar. Nobody would be unemployed. Everyone would be learning Spanish, or going to the sex center for a while having ejaculation contests, or just looking at porn for a while and going out into the yard and helping the farmers improve the crops. Just gardening. Helping the flowers. Distributing the flowers. SEE THE flowers. When in doubt always just being a SEE THE person for a while. There’ll be a whole lot of people encouraging people to SEE THE. We want the SEE THE to thoroughly come back. There’d be an increase in public computers, like water, like air, have we stopped the oil and the fracking early enough to protect the water and air, we hope so but there will be a decrease in private computers with an enhanced desire to be here, exactly here where we are, which some would argue is there on the computer which of course would be allowed but being here would be cool, some people meditating, other people just walking around, smiling feeling good about themselves, living shamelessly and glad. Guns would be buried. Guns would be in museums and people would increasingly not want to go there. Gun museums would die. What was that all about. Money would become rare. I would have a radio show as your president and also I might be on television and also I just might want to talk to you. In the tradition of American Presidents like Fiorello LaGuardia the little Flower I would be president Edward Myles, the woman, changing my name, very often, would probably be good I would like that and I would write a new poem for you each week. I might just walk around saying it and eventually you would forget I was the president. I would go to the gym. There are people who like to manage things just like there are people who like to play cards and the managers would change often enough and they would keep the parks clean, America increasingly turning into one big park, one big festival of existence with unmarked toilets and nightly daily events and free surfing lessons and free boards, just put it back when you’re done and a good bed for everyone, I just slept in the best bed last night and I slept on the plane sleep is great nobody would be short of sleep everyone would be well slept, chaotic and loving hearted and have and all the time in the world to not kill, to love and be president everyone take your turn and dance. Dance now. I love my fellow citizens. It is good to win. Thank you. I feel like I had a bad dream last night that like the head of the FBI decided to steal the election by making shit up about me because I am female but that wasn’t true and we are really here undeluded, un mucked up. Wide awake in America for once. See the see the see all of your fabulous beauty and your power and your hope. Thanks for your vote. And I love you so much thanks.

Eileen Myles is the author of nineteen books including I Must Be Living Twice: New & Selected Poems, and a 2015 reissue of Chelsea Girls. Eileen is the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship in non-fiction, an Andy Warhol/Creative Capital Arts Writers grant, four Lambda Book Awards, and the Shelley Prize from the PSA. In 2016 Myles received a Creative Capital grant and the Clark Prize for excellence in art writing. Currently they teach at NYU and Naropa University and live in Marfa TX and New York.